Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Well, I had a rather eventful weekend this Labor Day. Kathy and I went camping in Savannah GA. We took her Westie Heather with us. We were going to camp on Skidaway Island, but when we got to the state park, there was a sign saying it was full up. We then went in search of a hotel that would take us and our little dog, too. Finally found a Red Roof Inn that would satisfy.

The next morning we got hooked up with another campground, on Tybee Island. We made camp and all was well, until I started getting a sinus headache. I think it was from Heather, but I can't say for sure. Kathy and I went and got some Thai food for lunch, but my headache (and subsequent nausea) kept me from enjoying it or even finishing my entree. We went back and Kathy began to practice guitar, but then the skies opened up and we huddled in the tent. We tried getting romantic, but I was too sick, and tired.

The next day was better, as my allergy/flu/whatever subsided, and we tooled around Savannah for a while. We went to Churchill's downtown and had some authentic English cuisine. Forget what you may have heard jokingly said about British food, this stuff kicked ass! Churchill's get's my enthusiastic thumbs up.

Sunday night we went to my parents' place in Davisboro. The whole family was there (except for my nieces Heather and Tiffany), and we sat around singing and telling stories. Everybody seemed comfortable with Kathy, and vice versa.

We came home Monday, and nothing spectacular happened to us. Oh, I did forget to mention the $115 speeding ticket I got in Lenoir on the way down. I'm going to see the DA there ASAP to see if I can't get it reduced. This was my first speeding ticket in almost a decade.

Kathy's sick right now, and at home at the moment. Hopefully she'll be well enough to come here to my house this weekend. She's promised to give shots to my dog and kitten when she's here.

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