Sunday, September 9, 2001

I suppose I should mention right off the bat that as I type this, I am sitting in the Appalachian State University music library. I'm here with Kathy while she completes a research assignment for one of her classes. The reason why is that I had my second flat tire in three days' time this afternoon. Allow me to explain:

Kathy spent the night at my house Friday night. While there, I suggested that we go out to Banner Elk to eat dinner. Well, when we got into town, my right rear tire blew out, and I had to call my uncle Wendell to help me out. We managed to get the car to an Exxon station, where I spent $50 to get a new tire put on.

Then this afternoon, after spending a few quality hours with my girlfriend, she was going to show me the music dept. building at ASU before I headed for home. However, when I got in the car, it felt really rough as I pulled out of the parking place. Turns out that my right FRONT tire went flat as well. *sigh* Well, I guess I have to wait to get it fixed tomorrow.

In the meantime, a few interesting notes. First, I had a bit of excitement as I was driving home from work last night. I was giving a waitress named Tiffney a ride home, and we had stopped to get some gas. As we left, she noticed a car behind us. I looked, and the car had no headlights on. As we turned off the main road, the car followed (without using a turn signal).

At one point, there was a wide place in the road, and I pulled to the right, hoping whoever it was would pass me on the left. Instead, he kept pace behind me.

Suitably weirded out, I turned off at the entrance to a subdivision. Naturally, the car followed me. However, I doubled back and headed back onto the road. As I did, I heard the driver shout something at me, but I paid no attention to him. I just kept going down the mountain.

Then there was church this morning. I went down the driveway from my house to Beech Mountain Missionary Church for the first time since I moved back to NC. It was my family's home church for several years, and in fact I was baptised there 25 years ago this week. I felt the need to go there for reasons I will go into in a few paragraphs. Anyway...

I went there, and of course people were glad to see me back there. The thing that struck me the most, however, was the fact that there was a guest preacher there. He was a West Indian (didn't catch his name), and preached a good sermon. In any case I didn't get to hear all of it. Here's why:

My dog Bailey followed me down from the house to the church, and despite my
best efforts to shoo her back home, she stayed and hung out at the church entrance. The preacher even made a note of it, saying that instead of the old hymn There's a Stranger at the Door, Let Him In, we should sing "There's a Dog at the Door".

Well, the preacher went on with his sermon, and I listened to him. However, in the middle of the service, Bailey began to vocalize. She wasn't barking or howling or whining; it's kind of hard to describe the noise she did make. Suffice it to say, she made it often and loudly enough that I was compelled to leave theservice and take her home, like I was taking a whining 3-year old home for crying in church.

The reason I went to BMMC today was that I found out that my dad is going in for an angioplasty tomorrow. If he's lucky, that's all he'll have to endure. If not, he faces the possibility of open-heart surgery. I'll be honest, I'm kinda nervous for him right now. I really hope everything goes well for him tomorrow.

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