Tuesday, September 18, 2001

I finally got rid of the headache, but not before two Actifed, four hours of sleep, and a hearty dinner of pot roast leftovers and sweet tea. I'm still coughing a little as I write this, but I think whatever it is that I may or may not have will blow over soon.

I really need another job. Tonight, as I was talking to Kathy, she reminded me of my responsibilities to my pets and their well-being. Bailey needs to be on heartworm medicine, and I haven't given her any since I got her from Diona back in February. Of course it costs money to get her examined and to give her medicine, and she needs rabies shots, and I feel guilty for not having taken her to the vet, and... <> I just feel absolutely awful emotionally right now.

I really want something funny or cool to write about here.

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