Monday, February 19, 2007


Yep, it's one of those days...

  • Do I really need to say anything about Britney Spears' follicle follies? Why yes... yes I do. After a week of seeing every two-bit hustler line up to claim to be the baby-daddy of Anna Nicole Smith's semi-orphaned child (Gah, you know this is gonna end up on "Maury" eventually), it was nice to get this little diversion. I'd be a little happier if Britney were aiming to go off on a "Ani DiFranco/Sinead O'Conner vibe" for her career, but it seems more like she's hoppin' the crazy train for the Chateau Marmont and looking for the John Belushi Memorial Suite.
  • Speaking of ingenues heading down a one-way road, I finally watched "Mean Girls" last night, and I have to say Lindsay Lohan was pretty good in it. She might even be able to develop into a first-rate actress if she can ever conquer her demons. The scene where she drinks herself into vomitory bliss was more than a wee bit ironic, given her current situation.
  • T-two days until my septoplasty, and I'm feeling a bit nervous. I know it's a fairly common procedure, but I am still nervous about being anesthetized and having someone mess with my honker.
  • The Endor Holocaust. Discuss.
Everybody have fun tonight.

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