Saturday, February 17, 2007

Finishing Up the Week With a Few Things

So I'm a day late on this. Meh...

  • Our power problems continued Thursday evening, when I came home for lunch and the lights were out again. I picked up Ian that night and went to Kathy's office in anticipation of the three of us "camping out" that night. Kathy called about 7 to tell me that the lights were back on, and I went to pick up a pizza in celebration. On our way home, Kat called me AGAIN to tell me the lights had gone out again! Went back to the pizza parlor, Kathy joined me and Ian to eat the pizza, and then we headed back to get the supplies we knew we'd need for the night, only to find that the lights were on AGAIN!!! At that point, we said "fark it", and stayed home. Luckily the lights stayed on.
  • Y'know, the word "again" looks a little weird. Don't know why; the thought just struck me.
  • I spent much of Thursday afternoon and Friday morning cataloging my blog posts into categories. I noticed that so far, the most popular category for my postings is "Meme". I gotta stop taking so many online quizzes.
  • Britney Spears shaved her head last night. Now, I'd like to chalk this up to trying to establish some indie cred for her music comeback, but given that she just went through the Lindsey Lohan Revolving Rehab Door, methinks Ms. Fed-Ex is on her way to a stay at a somewhat more stringent institution.

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