Tuesday, October 21, 2003

How to make a good muffuletta

So much happening, so little blogging time:

The weekend was okay, except for the fruitless trip to Boone. Kathy didn't get to have her voice lesson with her prof, for whatever reason. However, we did get to have lunch with my parents, who will hopefully be visiting us soon.

I am still getting over the depression of no Cubs-Red Sox World Series. I haven't seen a WS game yet, and don't plan to. If there were a way BOTH teams could lose it, I'd be satisfied with that.

Just a question: why didn't they offer courses like this when I was in college?

I'm still amazed at the lack of reaction by the public to the first Chinese taikonaut in space. Then again, I'm not at all surprised. When the US and USSR launched their first men into space, it was an entirely new experience. However, the Chinese are about 40 years late to the dance. There's talk that the Chinese are planning on sending men to the moon in the near future, but I don't think even that is going to excite the public re: space exploration.

Quick reviews of some recent DVD rentals/purchases:

Head of State: Funny movie. I just wish a presidential candidate would speak that directly. Hell, I wish any politician would do that.

White Oleander: Pretty good story, although it reminded me of a few women I've known in my life, and the tragedies they've suffered.

Minority Report: A good futuristic film noir. The plot twists were fairly standard, but nicely executed, I thought.

That is all; please return to your routine.

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