Thursday, October 16, 2003

A few links to while away the day...

Some of the links I have on my IE favorites at work. Enjoy them, be scared, whatever. :)

Icy Hot Stuntaz! This is a rap group that was brought to my attention on one of my favorite sites, You have to listen to the mp3s on this site. They're... breathtaking. LOL

The Finger- a Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Off: It's basically a history of the most famous hand gesture in history.

GoogleFight: Take two phrases, names or words, put them in the boxes provided, and voila!

Signmaker 2.3.1: Now you can make your own interstate signs!

The Bart Simpson chalkboard: If you don't want to make an interstate sign, howzabout making Bart write things on the chalkboard?

Best Error Message Ever! Click it and be amazed! :)

A Mapquested Middle Earth: for the Tolkien geek in you. Okay, for the Tolkien geek in ME!

Grudge Match! An oldie but goodie. Check the archives section for some of the greatest Grudge Matches ever.

Will Ferrell's greatest moments: This guy counts down Ferrell's best moments on Saturday Night Live. What's number one? Find out, and bring a cowbell!

The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products Supplying coyotes with defective skyrockets for over 50 years!

Click. Enjoy. React.

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