Monday, August 18, 2003

Harold! That was your last date!!

What a weekend! We had our local "celebrate-our-wedding-please-dear-God-somebody-show-up" party this past Saturday, and we had about 10 people show up. Not all at the same time, mind you, but they were there. The beef barbecue I cooked turned out reasonably well, but it could have been better, if I had had a double-burner grill to work with. This won't be the last party we have, either. We got a scatload of entertaining implements for our wedding, and by Gar, we're a-gonna use 'em!

After the guests left, it was movie night at the McGuires'. First we tried to get through Y Tu Mama Tambien (see previous post), but didn't quite make it. Not because it was boring; let's just say we had to take a break.

After our break, we switched over to another film: Harold and Maude. Fantastic movie, in case you haven't seen it. Thing is, I can't imagine a movie like this being made today. Either a studio executive would dismiss the whole May-late December romance aspect entirely, or he would make sure it was American Pie-ized to the point where it would turn out to be a joke of the lady playing the character of Maude. Thankfully the story is given space to develop, so that you can actually believe a 20-year old man could really fall in love with an 80-year old woman.

We rounded up our movie viewing this weekend with Phenomenon. Not a bad movie, but a bit coying in parts. I will admit, however, to crying WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! when John Travolta's character dies in the arms of the woman he loves. That's the way I want to go.

Next time: tomatoes, squash pie, and Ah-nold.

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