Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Some words on Kathy and I, at the request of someone close to me.

Things are going well for the two of us, or at least well enough. It appears that Lila's (her step mom) offer to front the cost of our wedding has put some of the financial onus off of our backs. I'm glad, mostly because it's one less thing for Kathy to have to worry about. She has enough on her overloaded dinner plate, what with her course overload this semester and worries over her career future and the fact that we have two humans, three cats and a dog crammed into a single-wide trailer, etc.

In any case, we've had some good conversations in the past few days, and I've especially enjoyed her company. I know that we'll have more arguements soon, but I can only hope that we can resolve our differences as mature adults. One point that Kathy made the other day was the realization that we were still behaving like two single (as in "living alone") people and not as a couple. And she is right.

I've been so used to living as a lone adult with no one else to care for that I'm still in the mindset of "what's good for me?". I have to start thinking of what's good for the both of us. We both do. I just hope that we can both find the strength to do this.

I don't think I've ever really put down in words just what attracted me to Kathy in the first place, or what keeps me close to her. I was originally attracted to her because here was this woman who seemed to share an interest with me (theatre, or at least performing), who was my age, unmarried, who had a good sense of humor, and was not your average Jane Doe.

Why do I stick around? Well, it's all of those reasons, plus I've found that she is someone who genuinely cares for me, cares about my well-being, my future, and my present. She may tease me sometimes, but she does it with love and a sense of humor. She has great compassion for animals, and she and I share many of the same core beliefs. I can't imagine being without her in my life, and I wonder what took me so long to bring her into it. She is my jewel, and my trreasure, and I will love her even until the end of the world.

Thank you. Barf bags will be provided at the exit, and thank you for visiting "Clintster's Tunnel of Mushy Love". :D

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