Wednesday, November 19, 2003


What's been going on in my life? Glad you asked...

* I've been taking photos of quite a bit of stuff lately. Basically, if you see a dead animal in the News-Gazette, it's mine. Hunting season has begun, and so it seems every hunter with a n eight-point buck has come by here looking for a photo op. I've also taken some photos of big-ass fish. Yay.

* I've also seen an increase in the number of people requesting my photographic services. A couple of people have inquired on my availability for weddings, I've been asked to do someone's portrait, and someone else wants me to teach them phtographic techniques. Just today I had a law firm call me about taking photos for their web site. Cool, eh?

* I got an interesting letter in the mail yesterday. It was an invitation to join the AARP. Yes, THAT one! Wanna feel like you're about 15 years older than you really are? Wait for that first letter to come in the mail. Yikers!

So, how are y'all?

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