Friday, June 27, 2003

T-22 Days

Yes, I am counting down the days until the wedding. Kathy's still looking for a dress to wear during the rehearsal, but otherwise it looks like we've got everything planned. :)

Days like today are why I hate the fact that we've temporarily given up cable. I only found out this morning that Strom Thurmond passed away last night. I will not speak ill of the dead here, especially given that I went to the same church he did for a while. I may speak about this in more depth later. In the meantime, lemme talk about...

*whispering* sodomy.

Yesterday morning, the US Supreme Court struck down a Texas law forbidding the act of sodomy between gay and lesbian couples. I was pleased with the decision, since I believe what you do in the bedroom is your own damn bidness, so long as it's consensual. Beyond that, I really have no stake in the decision.

However, to hear the radio talk show Gang of Idiots tell it yesterday, this decision was the worst thing to ever happen on US soil. Sheesh, you'd think that the Supremes had decided that Al Gore really WAS the president after all.

Limbaugh rattled on for 45 minutes at the start of his show about the decision, saying that the Court was legislating its own personal feelings instead of strictly interpreting laws. He compared them to a "City Council" and the old Soviet Politburo. He decried them for usurping the power of the states. When callers finally got through, they chastised him for being against personal freedom, which he denied. It was hilarious to hear Rush lambaste the same Court he couldn't whip up enough praise for back in Dec. 2000.

Later on last night, Michael Reagan had on the president of Concerned Women for America, who denied she had anything against gays, then spent 30 minutes railing against the "homosexual agenda" that led to the decision. She saw this as a gateway for the legalization of polygamy, incest, bestiality, and pedophilia. Then came the topper.

She claimed that Ancient Greece and Rome fell because of their acceptance of homosexuality. REALLY? Funny, but I always thought that Greece fell because they couldn't compete with the military firepower and tactics of the Roman armies. I thought that the regionalism of Roman rule in the 5th Century, and a bad case of lead poisoning in the capital, led to the Empire breaking up in 476. And let's not forget that the Roman Empire became Christianized in the 4th Century, thanks to Constantine, and we all "know" that Christianity and homosexuality can't mix, right? *slaps forehead*

It amazes me that in this day and age, so many people can find little better to do with their time than to worry about whether everyone is following the Victorian script for copulation (man/woman, tab "a" in slot "b", missionary style, no accoutrements). Then again, I guess it's the bedroom busybodies that keep life intersting, give it some color, keep us feeling good about ourselves, keep America strong.

On second thought, no they don't; screw 'em.

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