Wednesday, June 18, 2003

OK, then, we are now counting down to the wedding. The last 31 days of my bachelorhood or so. We've gotten some 60 guests confirmed so far, but we're still waiting on respond cards. Hopefully people will send them in before we have to break out the bats and start crackin' skulls! :P

On the news and info front, Kathy's been sick the past week, with some kind of virus (not SARS, not monkeypox!). Anyway, it's killing me, 'cause I haven't been able to kiss, hug, or even touch her for fear (hers, not mine) that I might get sick. Truth be told, I have been sniffling the past couple of dsay, but I think it's more from allergies acting up than anything.

The jobs are going all right. Obviously I like the paper more than waiting tables, but waiting tables at Ruby Tuesday isn't SO bad, except when they have the restaurant badly understaffed on FREAKIN' FATHER'S DAY!!!! But I'm over that now, so there.

Been talking to several people over the phone recently, mostly friends of mine who are planning to come to the wedding. I talked to Shane for the first time in over a year; he's coming in from LA with his soon-to-be-roommate Ian. He seems to be doing well in California; hopefully Kath and I can go see him out there one of these days.

Also talked to Diona last night, for a while. I've also heard recently from Chris Booth, Brian, Steve Palmer, and Joy. I think the thing I'm looking forward to the most, aside from marrying my HBB, is seeing all these disparate factions from our lives come together. My family and her family. My friends and her friends. Our fellow "Horn" alumni rubbing shoulders with other theatre folk. It should be a groovin' time for all. :)

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