Thursday, June 26, 2003


Okay, as you can see, I've altered the template for my blog. You like? I hope so.

Well, here we are, 23 days until the wedding. I'm bummed, however. Not because of the wedding, but because Kathy is headed out of town for the next few days. She has to go to a conference in Maine tomorrow, and won't be back until Wednesday. However, we have endeavored to have ourselves a butt-kickin' Fourth, so we got that going for us. :)

Not much else to report on at the moment. The head count for the wedding is 108, I think. It was less until Kathy's mom decided to invite a bunch of people she knew. Oh well, at least she can't invite people to go on the honeymoon with us. Or can she? AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

In any event, leave me some comments and tell me how you like the changes, mmmkay?

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