Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Well, here's an update for everyone out there, or anyone out there as the case may be.

I'm still here, and looking for a job. I got calls from two different places today, one of them being the W&L campus. That'd be nice if Kathy and I worked at the same place. Cross your fingers, everybody.

I'm a little nervous about the sniper business. More than a little, actually. Kathy was teasing me about it until this past weekend, when the sniper hit Richmond. That's a two hour drive from here. I realize that the chances of this maniac coming to Lexington are remote, but then again, until last weekend, I was reasonably sure he wouldn't venture outside of the DC area. Now I'm checking out white vans every time I see one, regardless of how innocuous it may seem. I'm especially wary in grocery store or gas station parking lots. God, I hope this is all over soon.

Next entry: a tribute to a friend.

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