Thursday, October 24, 2002

Once upon a time, I'd say about 9 years ago, I met this girl. She was cute and funny, and had this laugh that was... well, she was cute and funny! :) She and I began to talk and we shared a few things in common, so we became friends.

This girl was followed around for a while by this guy we knew, and he wouldn't leave her alone. A couple of times I stepped in and helped her out of a few situations with the guy.

After a while, the girl and I became closer friends. We would drive around together and talk about music, TV, movies, or just life in general. We'd sing in harmony to the radio. We would talk about musicals we had done together. They were good times.

Time passed. She got a boyfriend, broke up with him and got another boyfriend; I kept pining for women who liked me but didn't "like me" like me. We did plays together, tried keeping in touch over the summers, and hung out during school times.

The plays. Ah yes! She was the Mole to my Otter, the drugged out actress to my beer-soaked lawyer, the rat to my tortoise, and the British tart to my police officer. We went on the road together, we drank together, we partied together, we wrote poetry and dissed Sean "Puffy" Combs together.

Eventually, she met this guy Steve. At first I was a little upset because she spent a lot of time with Steve. But time and distance has a way of wearing on someone, especially when you see how much that someone loves someone else. I realized that my jealousy was unfounded. She was still my friend, and that was what was important.

And then I found someone of my own, finally. I realized what it was to love someone and have them completely love you back. And I understood. And it was good.

In all the time that we've known one another, my friend and I have been angry with one another only a handful of times. Granted, those times have been some pretty intense angry spells, but it's just how we are. We still talk, but not quite as often as we used to. We still make jokes about one another, to one another. We still talk about stuff that most people (significant others included) would roll their eyes at. We still have a bond between us.

Saturday, this friend of mine is getting married, something I never thought I'd see happen. Even so, I smile from ear to ear whenever I think of it, and I cannot wait to see her walking down the aisle. I know she probably won't see this until long after the wedding, and long after I see her in person to tell her this but, just for the record:

"Congratulations, Crystal! You two are going to be very happy together."

Your friend,


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