Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Okay, so here's my latest news.

I was fired from my job last Friday. Not sure why; they simply said they didn't think it'd "work out". In a way it's actually okay with me. Kathy and I were spending precious little time together, and the drive was playing hell with man (me) and machine (the Chevy POS).

Kath and I went down to Aiken on the weekend for my friend Diona's wedding. Of course, my friend Crystal was there, along with many of my friends from UTP. It was a nice break from my now-former work schedule, since I hadn't had a weekend off in almost 2 months.

Oh yes, and my honey bunny has a terrible ear infection. We had to go to the hospital about it at 4am last week. We tried to use ear candles on it this evening, but her ears just couldn't take the heat. LOL Hopefully it'll clear up soon.

More later.

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