Sunday, October 27, 2002

Got back from Columbia a few minutes ago. Well, Kathy and I got back to Blowing Rock NC from Columbia a few minutes ago. We left the pupper at her mom's while we went to the wedding and came back to keep her company before we head back to VA tomorrow.

The wedding was great. Crystal was nervous, laughing and crying the whole time during the ceremony, but she and Steve got through it. I should have some piccies up soon of the bride, the groom and all.

Diona and James were there as well. D's belly has grown since last month, and she knows that her little bean will be a girl when it comes. Can't think of the name right off, though. In any case, we all had a good time.

Also have to mention that I finally met Darcy, a pretty cool chica. She's the second online friend that I've ever met. I kinda wish Cali and Aerik could've come too, but it was all good. :) Darcy, I tip my hat to you.

After the wedding, Kathy and I went out to Barnes & Noble to get a wedding planner. I gotta get crackin' on this stuff if we're gonna meet our May 17th date. Wish me luck.

More on the wedding later.

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