Tuesday, March 5, 2002

My car died yesterday, of massive suckiness. Please take a moment to remember...

MOBY, the Great(?) White Car 1985-2002

Actually, the reports of her demise are greatly exaggerated. I think the alternator is shot on it, and it picked the nighttime- in 10-degree weather, no less- to finally give up the ghost. Luckily my parents are up here from Georgia, and Dad's offered to help me get her running again.

Auditions for Lees-Macrae went well. Speaking with Dr. Speer yesterday, I found out that I am being "Strongly considered" for the shows. They are The Rothschilds, some sort of Rogers & Hammerstein musical review, and The Sound of Music. I really hope I can land the Captain role. *crosses fingers*

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