Thursday, December 7, 2006

Thursday I don't care about you...

I went to the doctor today to get myself checked out. As some of you know, I have been suffering from sinus trouble for years. I've also had to contend with allergies, but it hasn't been as big an issue as the sinuses. I also have a case of sleep apnea, which I've been having more and more trouble with as years have gone by.

Earlier this week, I had to take Ian to the doctor's office to see about coughing fits he has been having recently. Turns out he has a sinus infection, and the pediatrician prescribed some antibiotics for him to take to clear it up. I figured, if he can get his cleared up somehow, why not me? I made an appointment to see the doctor and went in this afternoon.

I told her about my symptoms, and after taking a good long look at my ears and nose, she informed me that I had a deviated septum. This probably resulted from taking a softball to the nose about 11 years ago. However, while it may explain some aspects of my health, it doesn't address them all.

I'm supposed to go see an ENT next week, but we have no money left in our flex plan account for the year, so I'm gonna have to reschedule until January. In the meantime, I've been given a prescription for amoxicillin, which I hope will alleviate some of the sinus crappola.

Other than that, I'm feelin' fine and dandy! You?

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ombra said...

physically? we're great. emotionally? thank you, sir, may I have another? it's starting to burn.