Thursday, December 14, 2006


Just a few quick things to note as I try to get through the Holiday Season:

  • Kathy is currently doing the DMA tour (currently at UGA), and I'm spending lots of time with Ian. Unfortunately, he seems to have finally found the "terrible" part of his Terrible Twos. Thankfully, my honey will be home tonight. Hopefully.
  • I found out earlier this week that Martin Nodell passed away. I wasn't aware of who he was either, until I heard that he created Green Lantern. GL was one of my favorite comic book characters growing up. I still would like to get a tattoo of the Green Lantern symbol one day.
  • Peter Boyle's passing was a little shocking, but not unexpected. I remember seeing him on an episode of Mind of Mencia and thinking, "Man, he's not looking too good". Little did I know. I also was not aware of the connection between him and John Lennon, nor of his training as a monk. Goodbye, Mr. Boyle.
  • Soy makes you teh ghey?
  • 11 days until Christmas. I have some things to say about the alleged "War on Christmas", but I'll wait until I get my thoughts together a bit better.
  • Anthony Field, aka Anthony Wiggle, has announced his retirement from the group. In kids' music parlance, this is like hearing The Beatles are breaking up. 'Course, by the time Ian knows about it and can understand, he'll probably be full on into Zambian death rap-metal-yodel fusion. In the meantime, I gotta relearn their names: Jeff, Murray, Greg, and Sam.
That's all I have for the moment. Talk amongst yourselves.


John said...

Randomities is the best coinage I've seen on a blog in...ever.

ombra said...

how did you find that soy thing, anyway - you don't read crap like that on purpose, do you??????