Monday, June 24, 2002

Well, here we are somewhere in limbo. Kathy got a monetary offer from W&L almost 2 weeks ago, and she asked for a better salary. They've been considering it ever since. It's playing hell with our nerves, and if we don't hear something soon, I think I just might have to go there and start kickin' some administrative buttocks!

The McGuire family reunion was this weekend and judging from the reaction, I'd have to say that Kathy was a big hit with the McGuires there. I asked my youngest niece Maegan if she would be our flower girl and she nodded "yes". Of course, she's only 4 (almost), so she'll probably have to be reminded of this responsibility more than once in the next few months.

Oh, and I hate, hate, hate Enya. More on this soon!

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