Thursday, June 6, 2002


Okay, here's how it started. I was working a double yesterday at my two jobs. I had finished my shift at Storie Street at 4 and I had to be at Mike's Seafood at 4:45. Since it's a 10 mile drive between the two places, I had to get changed into different clothes and I had to go through a drive-thru to get something to eat before work. I decided I'd stop along the main drag in Boone and pick something up.

No dice. Unfortunately, there was some construction going on along the main road in Boone, which meant going through a drive-thru for a "quick" bite just wouldn't cut it. I decided with some hesitation to go to Hardee's, which is right around the corner from my house (and across the street from Mike's).

I say "with some hesitation" because a couple of months ago, I had a bad experience with them involving some biscuits (but that's another time). Needless to say, I didn't want to do it but I figured I'd give them one more shot.

I went in and ordered a Bacon Bacon (no, that's not a typo) Cheeseburger combo. The guy at the counter, after waiting a couple of minutes to actually take my order. kept asking me if it was to go. After I frantically said "YES" for the 126th time, he said he was just being sure, saying (and I quote) "It's better to ask a bunch of times than to have to say 'I'm sorry'". Can you feel the foreshadowing in the air?

Anyway, I got my combo and came home so I could eat, get changed, and get on to work. I took a bite and noticed something was wrong with my burger. I looked at my sandwich and visually confirmed what my taste buds had warned me about:


In more than a little bit of a rage, I raced back to Hardee's and went back to the counter. It took them 3 minutes to find a manager, who offered me a replacement burger. I didn't want one because a) I had to be at work in 3 minutes, and b) I had mine made without mayonnaise (I hate mayo), and it would have taken too long for them to get their shit together to make it my way. I got my money back and went to work.

So basically, what I'm sayin' is I'm never, NEVER, NEVERNEVERNEVERNEVERNEVER going back to Hardee's again, at least that incompetent f'n location!

Got a war story from fast-food hell? Put in my comments. :)

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