Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Apparently my last posting to the blog last night went down the tubes, so I'll try again. *grrrrrr!*

Kathy's ex-roomie continues to do his damndest to do... whatever it is he's doing. Monday, he got her phone disconnected, and Tuesday he managed to convince the cable company to disconnect her service. She's reconnected both with password protection, but she's nervous about even letting Heather out to do her business. kathy's thinking of taking out a restraining order, but I'd like to suggest using a .357 aimed at his jewels and the words "Knock off the crap!"

In any case, my parents and I went to ASU to see Kathy perform in a Guitar Ensemble recital. She looked beautiful of course, and sang equally so. Mom and Dad met her mother, and she even invited them to come to her house Saturday night to have dinner.

Yesterday at work was... ummmm, it was. We close Mike's at 2pm to give everybody a break between lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, we had someone come in at 1:58 yesterday. This would not have been that bad except for the fact that they were there until 3:30!!!!! I had to run the register that night, so I had to take the half-hour trip all the way home just to change my shirt and run back in time to be there for dinner. In any case, the Boone restaurant should be open next week *crosses fingers*.

Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

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