Friday, November 2, 2007

iPod Shuffle-NaBloPoMo edition

I realize this may seem like fudging on the NaBloPoMo event, but I feel I need to do this before I go on to more important issues.

1) Revelation (Mother Earth)-Ozzy Osbourne
2) I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man-Prince
3) She Loves You-The Beatles
4) Every Night-Paul McCartney
5) Parker's Mood-Charlie Parker
6) Lakini's Juice-Līve
7) The Odd Ball-Henry Rollins
8) Stone Free-The Jimi Hendrix Experience
9) I Can't Watch This-Weird Al Yankovic
10) Gingerbread Boy-Miles Davis
11) Never Enough (Big Mix)-The Cure
12) Goodbye Pork Pie Hat-Charles Mingus
13) Take The Long Way Home-Supertramp
14) Snake-pj harvey
15) Got The Time-Anthrax

Hmmm... I gotta ruminate on that shuffle. More later.

1 comment:

O said...

ruminate. thems big werds.