Friday, March 2, 2007

Shuffle Off To iPod-land

Fifteen songs, all on my iPod:

1) Erotic City-Prince
2) A Girl Like You-Edwyn Collins
3) Get Off Of My Cloud-The Rolling Stones
4) Riviera Paradise-Stevie Ray Vaughan
5) Take It To The Limit-The Eagles
6) Nobody Told Me-John Lennon
7) Indifference-Pearl Jam
8) The Long Grift-They Might Be Giants
9) Love Song-Tesla
10) Tear Me Down-Spoon
11) Rid Of Me-PJ Harvey
12) Interstate love Song-Stone Temple Pilots
13) Don't Cry (Alternative Lyrics)-Guns N' Roses
14) Animal-Pearl Jam
15) St. Cecilia Mass: Credo-Gounod

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