Friday, November 12, 2004

Frosted Chaps

Not like Frosted Flakes, but still...

So, I'm almost over the election of 2004.  Make no mistake, I'm still bummed by Kerry's defeat, but I still have hope that we can and will get through this.  Nevertheless, the gloating attitude of some conservatives just gets to me.  It's not a mandate; 51% is not a clear signal to gay-bash and make everybody worship Christ "or else".

Anyway, I was listening to the radio the other day, and I turned over to Bill O'Reilly (why?  I don't know; just a masochist, I guess.)  Someone was calling in, and he said there was something that had been bothering him in the last few weeks.  Iraq?  Political mud-slinging?  Osama bin Laden?  No.

"Why is it that all these actors and musicians, who never worked a day in their lives, can speak out on blablablablabla?"  To be honest, I kinda forgot exactly what he said after this, but I believe it was about "celebrities" expressing their opinions in public.

Well, the thing about famous people expressing their political views would have raised my hackles enough, but when I head the above comment about actors and musicians "never working a day in their lives", I lost it.  I turned off the radio, and proceeded to give a long and impassioned rebuttal in my car.

Having been an actor, and having married a musician, I can tell this person that indeed people in both professions have to work for a living before reaching any sort of notoriety.  I have many friends who live in Los Angeles and New York City and several other major cities who are seeking careers in the performing arts, and to a man (or woman), they have all had to work an "outside job", sometimes two or three, in order to survive while they tried to make it in their chosen profession.  They've had to survive on ramen noodles and 79-cent frozen pizzas in order to work their way up the ladder.

I know that not all actors/rock stars/rappers have had to face hardships in their rise to the top, but it is a rare one who doesn't.  Not everyone goes the lana Turner/"American Idol" route to stardom.

Also, if anyone thinks that acting or playing music is an easy profession, give it a whirl sometime.  Put the minimal amount of effort that you obviously think these artists put into their work, and see how "famous" you become.  These people whom you slag as being "lazy" work just as hard for their money as anyone.

If anyone wants to see how "easy" it is to act, direct, sing or dance for a living, just get in touch with me.  I guaran-damn-tee you I will open your eyes.

Thank you; I'll get off my soapbox now.

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