Friday, March 12, 2004

Are you ready for The Friday Five?

1. What was the last song you heard?
"Wicked Little Town" by Ben Folds Five

2. What were the last two movies you saw?
In theatres? I think they were Cold Mountain and LOTR: Return of the King.

3. What were the last three things you purchased?
A Pepsi, a popsicle and a Coke.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?
1) Snuggle my honey.
2) Watch Wrestlemania XX.
3) Clean up around the hosue
4) Ummm... trim the hedges?

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?
In some sort of order:
1) Darryl, my editor
2) Tonia, our classifieds person
3) Gaylea, one of our ad people
4) Kathy, my lovinest
5) Carla, our receptionist

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