Friday, January 23, 2004

And We're gonna go to Boone...

And then to Roanoke, and Lexington, and Charlottesville, and Davisboro, and Aiken, and Tampa, and San Antonio, and Beech Mountain, and then we're gonna go to Washington DC, and we're gonna take back the White House!!! YEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I've just spent the past half-hour listening to remixes of Howard Dean's concussion-- I mean concession speech following the Iowa caucus. :) If you want to hear some of them, click here. Some of them are pretty hilarious.

Anyway, if you've been to my honey's blog, you know that she's made it through her final jury before her final grad recital, and I don't know which of us is more relieved, me or her. Honestly, it's pretty rough being a diva's consort, let me tell you! :P

I promised a few words on the President's SOTU speech from earlier this week, and here they are as follows:

Ehh. Meh. Kinda goofy. Loved the reaction to his "parts of the Patriot Act will expire in a matter of months" line. I think it hurt him more than it helped. That's all.

On a sadder note, Bob Keeshan, aka Captain Kangaroo died today. It's sad to think that he and Mr. Rogers are no more.

More later. And seriously, dude, go and listen to the Deano Machino remixes.

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