Monday, December 1, 2003

Mondays at Clintster's

Hey all!

In case you forgot, today is World AIDS Day. Take a few moments to remember those who have passed on, and find out how you can keep from catching/spreading the HIV virus.

Thanksgiving was okay at our house, if a little quiet. S'okay, we figure it'll be our last T'giving alone together for quite a while. I cooked the turkey, and Kathy made green bean casserole. I think we make a pretty good team in the kitchen. :)

Unfortunately, yesterday was not so good. I woke up about 4am Saturday night/Sunday morning and puked my brains out. I think I had food poisoning. On top of it, I had a real stinger of a headache, so I was pretty much miserable all day Sunday. To top it off, I had to stay in my soon-to-be-converted office all day long, because Kathy was afraid that she'd catch something from me and endanger the baby. If we had a den or something it could've been a lot easier, but being stuck in an 8x8 room with no means of diversion except for a computer and a few books didn't make the time go by any easier. I'm only now getting over the headache (I think).

Anyways, hope your Thanksgiving was cool. 24 days 'til Christmas, y'all!

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