Monday, September 16, 2002

It's been a few days, so let me bring you up to speed...

We're sending the couch back. Too many flaws in it. They're picking it up tomorrow. Now, Kathy won't take a couch unless it's actually one she sees on a showroom floor.

Last night, Kathy tried to pay her credit card online. Unfortunately, she had to register online in order to do that, and every time she tried to do so, she got a message saying that the name she chose was already taken; even seemingly untaken names like "katherinetruett". Finally, out of frustration, she typed "fuckyoubastard" in the username window and hit enter.

So now, she's known as "fuckyoubastard" to the credit card industry. I won't even go into her password. :)

In happier news, I finally got the "Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000" DVD. No footage from Atlanta (the concert I attended), but plenty of good stuff, including videos for "Do the Evolution" and "Oceans". A definite must-see if you're a PJ fan. Probably not worth your while if you're into Lawrence Welk, though.

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