Thursday, September 12, 2002

I'm sitting here at the Blackfriars listeining to Karla Bonoff play on our stage. Tomorrow, it's back to normal as we present the opening night of Richard III. Hey, it's a living. Celebrity Alert! Aside from Karla, we were graced by the presence of Robin and Linda Williams, who you may have heard on A Prairie Home Companion, and who will be playing here themselves in November

Kathy's friend Loretta is visiting us from NC. She's on her way to New Jersey to visit a sick parent. Our fist official houseguest since we moved here. Isn't that delightful? Hmmm?

Sorry, had to throw a little Marvin the Martian in there.

Oh, and we got our new couch in, finally! Haven't had a chance to test it and see how it sleeps, yet, but time will tell. We have a blanket on it until we can get a slipcover shipped in for it. Gotta keep the cat hair off it, y'know. LOL

Anyway, that's all from this end. Hope the day's going well for whoever you are over there.;)

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