Friday, July 1, 2005

Gollum Putin

Gollum Putin
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I read about this story and when I saw the photo of Pres. Putin with his newly-acquired bauble, all I could think of was...

"My Preciousssssss!"



Anonymous said...

You are a goof!


Your lovin' wife said...

Oh, sorry...didn't mean for that to be anonymous. You are goof, *Honey*!

Bluto said...

Hey, I'm just browsing through some Blogs, and I stumbled upon yours. And I hate when people read a blog and don't leave a message. So now I can continue reading with a clear conscience.

By the way, your son is ADORABLE! (Wait, is it manly for me to call a kid adorable? Or does that make me seem a bit wussy?)

BloodyViperFang said...

"My preciosssssss!" ^_^(lol)

Dracula's Grandpa said...

"Great blog!" I'll have to come back some time!